Discover the new My Fair Bianca collection and the inspiration behind Varca’s designs


Inspired by the effortless glamour and celebrity of 70s fashion icon Bianca Jagger and the late Edwardian costumes of the classic musical My Fair Lady, Varca christened her collection My Fair Bianca. Though her muse may be vintage, her opulent pieces feature feathers, sequins twinkling under layers of tulle, body-hugging silhouettes, plunging necklines, and unexpected design details, giving the collection a sexy modern edge.

Structured yet soft, these five gowns and jumpsuit/jacket set are sensual, provocative, and powerful. Every piece has an individual personality and voice, but in unison the collection commands, “Look at me.”

Varca’s campaign echoes that strength. “I wanted the models to look like modern Greek goddesses and like the garden where we shot was their Olympus and they sit around all day being fabulous and intimidating mortals,” Varca laughs. “I think we nailed it.”

Varca teamed up with Chicago milliner Britt Von Decker. Together, the pair designed hats and tiaras to accompany the collection. “You can’t have My Fair Lady and Bianca Jagger without hats!” Varca asserts. “I am so proud of what we made. Britt and I see eye to eye. We love vintage but we never want anything to feel plucked out of the past. We want to say something more current than that.  These pieces will definitely add that cool-girl edge to any wedding trousseau.” These hats and tiaras, as well as the extravagant soft tulle gloves Varca designed for the collection, will be available for purchase through the Varca Bridal website this October.

Varca is sure to claim her space in bridal fashion. Although her made-in-Chicago business is dedicated to small-scale production, Varca is not afraid to dream bigger. “I have more ideas than my hands could ever keep up with,” Varca says. “I am already thinking three, four collections ahead. But my head isn’t in the clouds. There is nothing I take more seriously than making women feel fabulous. That’s the dream that got me here and I’m here now. So bring me a girl with attitude, I’ll bring the sequins, and let’s make a statement.”

Written by Alex Kostiw, Art Director