Is custom right for you?

Frequently asked questions:

  •  Can Sarah Varca bring my vision to life?
    • Collaboration with our clients is at the heart of our process. While we are open to a variety of bridal projects, we only take on a select number of custom clients every year that we feel are true to our brand. That said, please don't be afraid to reach out and tell us about your vision! 
  • Will Sarah Varca replicate a gown I fell in love with on the internet?
    • That is a hard no. We do not copy out of respect for our peers and their creativity, as well as our own.
  • Can elements of different gowns be put together to create my own?
    • The design process is collaborative. We will bring our expertise to your ideas and always be honest about what works and what doesn't. No one wants you to look like Frankenstein, let alone his bride. 
  • How far ahead of time do I need to order a custom gown?
    • There is a five month minimum for brides in Chicago. For out-of-town brides, the timeline is determined on an individual basis and by how much they are willing to travel. Contact us to learn more.
  • How much does a custom gown cost?
    • Price is entirely dependant on design. That said, most custom styles start at $4000.