Alis - A Fashionista with Big Bow Dreams


An Interview With Alis:

What was it that made you decide a custom gown was the right choice for you?

"When I started the process of identifying the dress in which I would be walking down the aisle, I knew it was NOT going to be easy. I had never dreamed of my wedding dress, and did not have an idea in mind of what I wanted to look like on my wedding day. Besides, I could not see myself wearing any of the styles available on the market or the dresses I had seen in movies, on social media or even in the weddings I had attended.

After multiple failed attempts at wedding dress shopping, I contacted the bespoke wedding gown boutique where I met Sarah. I described my vision at my initial consultation visit and when I went for my first fitting, Sarah had created a mock-up version of exactly what I had described, in my not-so-easy to understand terms, as I have not a single drop of creativity in me."



How did the design develop and transform from your original vision as you and Sarah worked together?

"During my first [mock-up] fitting, I communicated to Sarah that I wanted to change the style of the top of my dress. However, I was not 100% sure what this style would be, so I described [my vision] to her the best way I could. When I went in for my second [mock-up] fitting, Sarah had created two separate dresses; one was the initial design, the other was a new version. Her new design incorporated the original design as well as the changes we discussed at the last fitting.

The moment I saw her the new design she had made, I saw my wedding dress. It was exactly what I envisioned all along but better. This mock dress, in muslin fabric, was better than all of the dresses I had seen in my entire life. It was truly a one-of-a-kind dress that only Sarah could have made.  

Next, Sarah suggested a gorgeous silk fabric and the rest is history..."




Would you recommend custom to other brides? Do you have any insights for them?

"Absolutely! My suggestion is: First and foremost, you must do your homework and explore all of your options from department stores to wedding gown boutiques. Only then, you will truly know if a custom wedding dress is the right choice for you.

My wedding gown satisfied my high maintenance and easy going self. Who knew that was possible? Sarah did! I will be forever grateful to Sarah for her vision and talent."




A note from the designer:

"Thank you, Alis, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for allowing me to play, and for your fearless fashionista soul. I dream of adventurous brides like you."



Alis is such a QUINTESSENTIAL Varca bride that Sarah named a gown after her!

Sarah Varca